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Colchester’s Lion Walk Shopping Centre and Red Lion Yard are inviting shoppers to join them in celebrating the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.

Three brightly coloured, Olympic information towers are now on display in the centre. Each tower represents one word of the Olympic motto, FASTER-HIGHER-STRONGER and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about corresponding Olympic and Paralympic records, fun facts, plus the not-to-be-missed opportunity to win £100 to spend at the Lion Walk and Red Lion Yard store(s) of your choice.

Do you know what the world’s strongest insect is or how many humans an elephant could lift? Who is the fastest sprinter of all time and would he beat a lion, a coyote or a zebra in a race? What’s the highest recorded high jump and how does that compare to a flea, a grasshopper or a horse?

Find out the answers to these and many more on our FASTER-HIGHER-STRONGER Olympic towers. Plus, Culver Walk will be showcasing a fascinating display illustrating the various sizes of all the different balls used in Olympic Sports.

There is also the opportunity to put your strength to the test and attempt to lift the weight of the men’s Olympic shot put, which, at 16 pounds, is the equivalent of 16 footballs or 48 bananas!

You’ll be amazed by some of our incredible Olympic fun facts and have the opportunity to enter our competition. You can even enter there and then using our free wifi!

Shoppers are invited to find the four Gold Winning Words, one on each tower and one on the Olympic Ball display in Culver Walk and enter the Lion Walk Olympic competition to be in with a chance of winning £100 to spend at the Lion Walk & Red Lion Yard store or stores of their choice.

Once you’ve found the four Gold Winning Words you will need to complete the entry form on the Lion Walk website which can be found under the What’s On tab.

These Olympic installations follow the unveiling of the local schools Olympic artwork in the centre last month (July 2016). Four local schools, Kingswode Hoe, St John’s Green, Lexden Springs and St Thomas More’s created wonderful pieces of artwork to celebrate the Olympics and what the Games mean to them. Their creations are currently on display as bunting in Red Lion Yard and window vinyls on Trinity Square.

All the Olympic displays will remain in place throughout the Olympics and Paralympics, with the competition closing on the same day, Sunday 18 September at 5pm.



To celebrate this year’s Olympics Lion Walk Shopping Centre & Red Lion Yard in Colchester town centre asked four local schools to create works of art depicting the Olympic ethos, its iconic symbols and what the games mean to the pupils.

Pupils from Lexden Springs, Kingswode Hoe, St John’s Green and St Thomas More’s schools spent part of their summer terms designing and making a variety of colourful pieces of art to celebrate the Olympics.

The art was unveiled with the help of pupils from St John’s Green and Lexden Spring schools and will be on display in the centre throughout the summer while the Olympics and Paralympics are taking place.

Peter Scopes, Lion Walk & Red Lion Yard Centre Manager said: “This is one of those rare things we get to do, nowhere near often enough, that lets us say a huge thank you to Colchester. These children, through their work, have not only displayed the Olympic themes, but also the values of the communities they come from. The designs look fantastic and all the children involved should be so very proud of what they’ve created. When people pay us a visit through the summer we’d like for everyone to take a moment out of their day to take a look and reflect on what it means to live with values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence.”

The children learnt about the Olympic values and ethos defined by the mottos CITIUS – ALTUIS – FORTIUS (meaning Faster – Higher – Stronger) and Excellence, Friendship and Respect, which they have illustrated through their displays. They also learnt about the countries competing in the games including food, animals and traditions as well as discovering the huge number of different sports that make up the Olympics.

The pupils explored art through a variety of mediums and materials and have created the imaginative, colourful and illustrative pieces for the Lion Walk and Red Lion Yard display.

Lexden Springs School, on the Halstead Road west of Colchester, caters for pupils aged 3 – 19 years with educational needs. Pupils from the school took part in a sponsored swim to cover the distance from Colchester to Rio in the school swimming pool (equating one length to one mile). The swim raised money for outdoor play and educational equipment for the school. The pupils made flags to represent a selection of countries competing in the Olympics which are now displayed as bunting in Red Lion Yard.

Kingswode Hoe School, the Sussex Road community day special school for girls and boys from 5 to 16 years old who have moderate learning difficulties, designed wonderfully colourful pieces of artwork to symbolise what the Olympics meant to them.

St Thomas More’s, a Catholic primary school in the town centre created Olympic flags and rings filled with landmarks, animals and foods associated with the participating countries, and festival masks to represent Rio, the host city.

And finally, St John’s Green Primary – near Abbey Field – produced artwork to represent each word of the Olympic motto, to be displayed as window vinyls Lion Walk.