New lockdown-inspired plastic bottle art installation

An internationally renowned artist from Colchester has installed a sculpture made out of plastic bottles in an empty town centre shop as an ode to lockdown.

Chris Meigh-Andrews  has created the piece All the Water I Drank During Lockdown as part of his Impossible Object series.

“During the subsequent 85 days of my lockdown,  I amassed 140 1.5 litre bottles. This new work contains all of the bottles from that period as well as the total amount of water that they contained. Impossible Object Number 7 (All the Water I Drank During Lockdown) is a temporary monument to the water that I consumed during lockdown and the continuous flow of water is a testament to the time elapsed during that period.”

“My notion of the “Impossible Object” is related to sculpture in relationship to the flow of imagery and sound. I make temporary works which involve the combination of ordinary physical objects with images and/or sound. I seek ways to construct relationships between domestic objects to produce an “impossible” situation that can only exist temporarily.”

The sculpture will be on display in the former Thornton’s shop in the Lion Walk from Friday 28th August.

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