Colchester to Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid

In light of the recent events in Ukraine, on behalf of World Food Aid, Lion Walk Shopping Centre has one mission: To urgently deliver 100% non for profit humanitarian aid directly from Colchester to Ukraine.
“Ukraine Humanitarian Aid – Direct from Colchester to Ukraine” Our aim is to send one artic lorry per week of essential aid, that is within the requests of Ukraine to neighbouring countries. Withstanding, multiple governments advice and support of efficient and essential aid delivery. We have phenomenal backing based entirely from the local community, including a host of local charities and organisations. Notably Lion Walk Shopping Centre, The George Hotel, Surya Foods, World Food Aid, Community 360, Colchester Foodbank, Colchester Borough Council, Colchester Rotary Club, Colchester Food Bank, Anti Loo Roll Brigade, Colchester Community Facebook group and many others.
Research shows items required include; “blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, bed linen, tents, first aid kits, bandages, painkillers, nappies, toiletries, torches with batteries, toothbrushes, toothpaste and toys.” This list will be explored, and updated, in real time with major organisations advice to the donating public. We will have the infrastructure in place to receive donations from the public at Colchester’s Lion Walk Shopping Centre, but also to purchase and/or produce bulk pallets of necessary food and nonfood items at discount/cost/production price.
Every penny raised will support the door-to-door the procurement, production, and delivery of this essential aid from the community of Colchester.
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