Month: April 2021

Colchester Fringe Festival

Lion Walk has teamed up with Colchester’s Fringe Festival to host a variety of  entertainment this May Day. The event will be hosted by DJ, Ben Howard at Lion Walk’s Secret Garden!

Below you can find out more about the acts that will be performing on the day.

Movement Space Dance Company
We observe the potency of Greek God Dionysus, known as “liberator”, born from rain & earth. Followers who partake in their mysteries are known to become possessed and empowered. Themes of this piece include, unity, ecstasy, wild frenzy, community rituals, festival & wine. Join MOVEMENT SPACE tumbling into a Utopia, where an eclectic fusion of dance styles, coupled with storytelling presents a battle of desire, loss and highlights the strength of humanity. Music styles include drum & base, tribal, folk & pop. Expect a vivid show rich in skill and truth.

MOVEMENT SPACE Dance Company’s second piece sends us to a futuristic era. Tangled in the vines of mass-extinction, like a phoenix we watch performers rise from the ashes. Triumphantly basking in a new age where humanity has established harmony with Mother Earth. They dance till dawn. Music styles include house and pop-culture.
Bird Rave
Bird Rave brings together live artists Miss High Leg Kick, Abi Cunliffe, Steve Nice, Luciana Hutt and Reggie Roberts for a “dancefloor ornithology” performance inspired by our changing relationship with nature (and each other) in lockdown.

Bird Rave is also a celebration of rave music and the “freedom to dance” days of early rave, self-expression and group unity through dance. The raving birds you might see include Hooded Crow, Hummingbird, European Nightjar, Blue-backed Manakin, Arctic Tern, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Tufted Titmouse and Penduline Tit. Plumages by Darren Evans.

The acts will be performing from 12pm to 4.30pm.You can find out more about the performers here!

Rosalind Harris

Polly Haynes


Welcome to the Secret Garden

Discover Lion Walk’s beautiful Secret Garden this Spring!

Lion Walk presents our latest outdoor pop up bar opening from Monday 12th April.

Enjoy a range of food and refreshing drinks, including cocktails, beers and bubbles – all set within our canopy-covered, heated Secret Garden so you can spend time with friends and family whatever the weather.

Open everyday from 12pm ’til late. No pre-booking required.


Head to The Secret Garden facebook page to find out more!

Important Safety Notice

  • The Secret Garden is fully covid-19 compliant. Please observe the latest government guidelines in place.
  • Maximum of 6 to a table in our outdoor seating area
  • Please drink responsibly

Thank you to our friends at Colchester’s Lion Walk United Reform Church for allowing us to use this beautiful space for the betterment of the community.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you to Lion Walk!